Practical digital strategy for media brands

Media businesses are facing unprecedented change - intense competition for advertising, more channels to communicate with consumers, vast organisation and skills challenges for their teams.

Penmaen Media helps media organisations navigate the complex digital environment, building practical digital strategies for media brands.  We have worked with Emap, Guardian News and Media, Archant Specialist, Elsevier, RHS Media, CDS Global, CIOnet, Eye Magazine, Fish and Fly, Arts Professional, Tribune, ABC,  FIPP, IFABC, Practical Publishing, IOM3, Primary Times, The Artist Publishing Company, WCN Publishing, OPI plus other niche consumer and b2b publishers.

Carolyn Morgan launched a major conference and exhibition in 2010 with workshop programme for specialist media owners to learn about new strategies, swap ideas with their peers and meet new suppliers and services.  Find out more on the website for the Specialist Media Show. In 2013 SIIA acquired the Specialist Media Show: read more about the Information Industry Network, the European Division of SIIA.  Latest event was the Digital Media Innovation Conference on 7-8 April 2014, which Carolyn programmed

The Penmaen Media newsletter provides ideas and tips on digital strategy for media businesses -  sign up for future newsletters in the box on every page.  Or follow Carolyn Morgan on @carolynrmorgan on twitter.

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What makes us different?

  • We understand traditional and digital media and how to combine the two to best effect
  • We have access to a wide range of case studies of successful niche media businesses through the Specialist Media Show
  • Our solutions are practical and we can help you implement them
  • We can work flexibly with your team and our network of experts to provide as much support as you need

    How a community means a conference can add value all year

    October 12th, 2014

    Conference organisers traditionally obsess about venues, catering, AV and deadlines, and there is not doubt that a little bit of control-freakery makes for a slick and crisis-free day.  But are they missing the bigger picture?  When the stands have been cleared away and the last lingering delegates have left the bar, what is the real [...]

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