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What publishers can learn from global media and internet trends

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015

Even small publishers should take note of the big shifts in the digital media landscape, as they will affect their business in the next few years.

Respected analyst and forecaster Mary Meeker of KPCB recently published their annual 200 slide report on Internet Trends.  In case you haven’t got around to reading it yet, I’ve picked out the top insights that could affect all publishing businesses.

But let’s start with the Zenith Optimedia consumption forecasts predicting how media behaviour will change worldwide. (more…)

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Does Facebook instant articles risk undermining publisher digital model?

Monday, May 18th, 2015

Big online publishers like the Guardian, BBC, the New York Times and National Geographic have recently announced that they will be publishing content directly onto Facebook, so users don’t need to click a link to go to a separate website when a friend shares a headline - they can read the full article within the Facebook mobile app.

Now this seems like quite a small step, solving a user journey problem - having to wait for a second site to load when following a link from a friend.  But could it have longer-term repercussions for the currently accepted publisher model? (more…)

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A new commercial model for digital magazines?

Friday, December 5th, 2014

Digital Magazines are gradually evolving from their origins as indie art project, agency showcase, PDF shovelware or vanity publishing to become a viable commercial publishing business.

Accepted, the challenges are still substantial …

  • the high cost of adapting print content to digital
  • the overcrowded and badly indexed App Store
  • the growth of smartphones and fragmentation of platforms and standards
  • the difficulty of persuading advertisers to invest in a complex medium with limited reach….

But there are some pockets of innovation and isolated stories of commercial success, which are worth exploring to identify strategies that could just help the medium to take off. (more…)

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10 ideas for next generation B2B media

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

B2B media were first into the digital melting pot, and are now emerging with some inventive new business models.  I picked up some interesting ideas and practical tips from the Business Media Insights conference last week. Here are ten of the best insights from the day - applicable I believe to a wide range of markets… (more…)

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How the advertising market is changing forever and why publishers should care

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

There’s a revolution going on in global advertising, and its effects will be felt even in formerly protected media niches.  Here are the headlines and also what I think publishers should do about it.

In just a couple of years, online advertising will contribute 27% of total global spend, surpassing print at 20% and getting closer to TV at 39%.  Mobile is fuelling this shift, with consumers in Asia, LatAm and Africa bypassing fixed internet, and accessing the web largely through smartphones.  By 2016 mobile web access will surpass fixed broadband worldwide.


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The new rules of mobile publishing: 10 tips on revenue growth

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

Mobile is fast reaching the tipping point of being the preferred way to access digital news, so B2B and consumer publishers need to get to grips fast with how people are reading their publications on tablets and phones.  And maybe more importantly, how they can maximize revenues from expensively created digital editions.

One of the most detailed pieces of research I have seen so far has been put together by Stonewash, who have analysed in detail billions of pieces of anonymous reader data from digital magazines published on their platform to track exactly when, where and how people read mobile content.

There are some surprising findings, challenging our assumptions that digital magazines are read just like their print counterparts.  Here’s the highlights from the research and some tips on how to grow revenues… (more…)

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10 ideas for innovating in media and publishing

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

Here’s some smart tips from the shortlist for the 2014 Media Innovation Awards.  As technology drives change in reader behaviour, publishers need to think more broadly about their market and evolve new products and services.  There’s plenty of inspiration on offer from the shortlisted companies - these media businesses are stretching their content and products to find new ways to connect with their audiences.   (more…)

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Seven ways to innovate in media sales and marketing

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

Marketing new content products and services to subscribers and readers requires innovative thinking, and revolutionary approaches.  And developing smart solutions for advertisers and commercial partners is increasingly important.  At the Digital Media Innovation Conference in London recently I devoted a whole theatre to innovation in sales and marketing.  Here are 10 practical ideas from the speakers…. (more…)

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Seven ways to reinvent your media business in 2014

Sunday, January 5th, 2014

Just a few years ago, media and publishing seemed simple.  Create great editorial, wrap it up into a magazine, send it out to your readers and sell some advertising.  Digital media felt like a bit of a sideshow - it was fine to dabble a little, but it wasn’t a big profit generator.

But now many established media brands are moving away from print altogether - for example Lloyds List has just successfully gone 100% digital, AutoTrader published its last print edition in June.

And with this shift to digital media the landscape changes: everything is apparently measurable, and the definition of the purpose of a media brand is more blurred: instead of just creating content, are you advising people on buying decisions, helping business people gain advantage, fostering networking in an industry or community?

From enjoying a protected market, media organisations are now competing with government, consultancies, retailers, agencies, brands, trade associations and self-organised communities.

So how can the organisation formerly known as a publisher reinvent itself and thrive in 2014 and beyond?  Here’s seven core principles that I believe will enable a smoother transition. (more…)

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